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There were significant factors converting visitors to glamping even before Covid. We expect Covid to boost the attraction of pods, and that this benefit will last for some time

Eco-tourism is on the rise; the number of Britons willing to spend on eco- friendly travel has increased by a third in the last decade and domestic holidays present a more eco-friendly option.

Travellers want more authentic experiences. Millennials – (FS’s primary audience)2 – in particular want to feel part of the local culture, enhance self- discovery and mental wellbeing, set themselves apart from other holiday makers (especially on social media), and stay active on holiday.

As more people experience glamping, the demand for higher standard units such as FS pods, is predicted to rise.

In terms of business owners, barriers to entering the hospitality sector are often lower with pods than for more traditional accommodation and some other revenue streams.5 48% of farmers are looking for ways to diversify revenue.

Covid is expected to accelerate these trends, and will have a particularly significant impact on the domestic holiday and glamping market in 2021/22

According to a recent Deloitte survey, rural destinations are expected to outdo city breaks and trips will be centred on visiting friends and family, avoiding contact with strangers, self-catering.



Before Covid, glamping was growing at 3.7% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in GB between 2017 and 2019, with Scotland being particularly successful

The total number of glamping trips grew by 3.7% CAGR between 2017 and 2019. This was solely due to growth in Scotland – trip numbers remained flat in England and shrank in Wales. The total number of nights spent glamping also grew at the same rate.

These growth rates are faster than GB total growth of trips/nights spent (1.2% and (1.0)% CAGR respectively between 2017 and 2019).

In 2019, holidays accounted for 88% of total glamping trips and 91% of nights spent in 2019.

Accommodation data in ROI and NI does not separate out glamping. But in NI, the self-catering, campsite/caravan and other categories all grew faster than total trips and nights between 2017 and 2019.2 In ROI, the number of ‘other’ trips and nights also increased over the period.3

Therefore, Glamping is gaining in popularity, albeit fairly slow.

In 2019, International Glamping Business magazine counted 3,000 glamping units across the UK, although this figure is likely to be an underestimate

(across 1,700 sites listed on major booking websites in the UK.)

We estimate the value of the UK and ROI pod market was around £20m out of a total glamping market worth around £84m in 2019

This estimate assumes that:

Number of nights spent glamping was split evenly between accommodation types,

On average, two people stayed per night,

The average cost per night was £90, and

Figures in ROI and NI have been estimated pro rata with the GB data.

Our pods have an automatic ventilation system that renews the air within the pod not only when you are staying in the pod, but also between each stay.  By the time guests check-in, new air has been circulated in the pod.  During the housing keeping period the pod will also be ventilated by allowing fresh air in through the main door during the deep clean period.

There are Vent-Axia fans in the living space and in the ensuite shower room, which have a pre-set trickle flow with automated humidity sensors. There is also a manual open and shut vent in the bunkroom, for comfort at night and when the weather does not allow you to leave the door open continuously.  These fans also allow us to ventilate the pods between guest stays.

We have always provided a self-check-in and self check-out experience, and everything you need to know is emailed to you before your stay. That said, if you do need something we provide contact details for each of our hosts who will happily come on site or by phone to help you out with anything that you need – social distancing measures will be adhered to and hosts will wear masks when appropriate.  At all times we will minimise your contact with staff.

All our optional extra’s are pre-booked and set up in your pod prior to your check-in.

Check-out times have been moved forward to 10am (rather than 11am) to allow additional time between check-in and check-out times for our team to complete additional hygiene procedures.

Normally we provide a printed pod-user guide within the pod, but to minimise the touchpoints we will now send an electronic version of the user-guide to our guests via email prior to their stay.  Additional information in general will be provided to all our guests before your stay date.

Should you require assistance just contact your local host.

A laminated instruction sheet has been left in your pod with guidelines for usage.


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