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Are you ready to offer tourists an outdoor glamping holiday experience that they won’t forget while diversifying your land?

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Our landowner partners are an important part of the FURTHER SPACE family.

We work closely with them to provide a great experience for our customers and maintain luxury levels of service, while allowing our partners to create a sustainable business.

All our locations are hand-picked, to ensure they have something extraordinary – by the water, in the woods, with views, in nature.


You will not get our POD experience anywhere other than in our partner sites.

Our pods are quietly refined and the host sites compliments this. The simple luxury we strive for means that our sites are smaller with up to 6 pods per site. This not only means our overall site footprint/energy consumption is smaller, but the experience for the customer is also peaceful, quiet and feels a little more like it belongs just to them.

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What also makes us distinct, is how our partnerships are carried out and our direct investment in the pod sites.

We are not a franchise, we invest our own time, money and sweat into these ‘micro-tourism’ partnerships, that not only make for unique customers experiences, but allow smaller landowners to diversify their land, support their families and local area.


Planning & Site Design Services
Marketing Support
Online Booking System
Customer Reservation Support
Host Training & Finance Admin
Luxury Pod Accommodation


We work with both individual landowners starting a
new business, as well as existing commercial business
that are extending their offering e.g. Estate owners,
Castles, visitor attractions, event venues, outdoor
activity providers, golfing/sports venues.

You retain your own identity and character, but the
accommodation element becomes part of the
FURTHER SPACE family to access the benefits that
the collective offering can bring.

How It Works

Do you aspire to run a luxury glamping site or provide accommodation to visitors to your site – we provide a luxury pod that has home comforts in wild places.  This unique pod has been designed in-house with top-end features such as a shower room, full sized bed, kitchenette, heating and plumbing. Please see the pod section in our website to learn all about features and benefits of our pods.

Questions our partners have about the pods?

Where can I see the pod?

Our pods are available to see at our facility in Belfast.  We hold regular Open Days once a month where prospective partners can view the pod and run through a detailed presentation about the partnership.

Do the pods provide cooking facilities?

The pods come equipped with a fridge and tea/coffee making facilities, plus an area to prepare snacks.  We encourage our partners to provide a fire pit area outside the pod that guests can BBQ outside, as well as providing food options such as continental style breakfast, Prosecco welcome and BBQ packs.

Are the pods accessible?

Currently the pods are not fully accessible for wheel chair users, however this is something that we are developing for the future.

How are the pods furnished?

The cost of the interior fit-out is built in to the partnership.  The partner will add the finishing touches such as colour schemes, soft furnishings and bespoke character to the pods. The partner provides the linens and toiletries, but you will benefit from supplier discounts available to our partners.

What is the configuration of a pod to sleep 4?

The pods includes a full size double bed (murphy style) and integrated bunk beds which comfortably sleep tweens and teens.

What base do the pods need?

The pods have minimal environmental impact.  They are installed on 5 concrete pads.  They also require plumbing and electric connections (all technical detail is provided).

To you we become a partner, and to the customer we become someone they can trust as we provide a consistent and luxury experience. 

You retain ownership of your land, and we retain ownership of the pods, but we become invested partners that will do all in our power to make your glamping site the most successful it can be.

As we said this is not a franchise, so we provide support in a number of key areas.

What’s included

Up to 6 pods

Which retail at £37,000. They are all supplied by our sister company IntupodTM.

What could I earn?

To work this out, we have to apply a couple of baseline figures.

Let’s assume a 50% occupancy rate at £100 per night per pod. We call this our base case.

Up to 25% of the income is set aside for your day-to-day management of the pods such as cleaning and to cover any potential booking costs if agents like Booking.com are used.

From the remaining 75%, we get a fee for the pods, you get a fee for land rental, and we split whatever is left equally.

Over 10 years, you could earn in the region of £140,000 on a 3-pod site at the base case.

This rise to £320,000 on a 75% occupancy at £125 per night.

During our partner events we outline the full financial model during the presentation

Below are the areas that we provide support on:

Online Booking System

We supply you with a fully integrated online booking system.  The system gives your guests a 24/7 booking portal and handles payments securely.

The system also integrates into Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) such as booking.com, Airbnb and Expedia.

We set up the entire system for you, but each partner has full and direct access.


Our in-house marketing and digital team will help promote your pod site, and the unique characteristics of your business. But you will also have the benefit of the collective brand budget and marketing activities that will make our voice louder in the marketplace.

Together, we will create and share amazing content that will building awareness and drive bookings.

Website Listing

Your site is listed on our already established website and we drive traffic towards your booking system so secure as many ‘direct’ bookings as possible to minimise commissions to OTA’s.

If you have an already established website, we can integrate our booking system into your website so that all bookings always go to a central source.  Were required, we can provide a template website for smaller business partners that do not have a website and want to promote their independent brand.

Planning and Site Architecture

You can of course use your own Architect and support network, but for those who require assistance we provide support to this or the full package:

In-house Services

•       Design & layout of site

•       Co-ordination of planning pack for planning submission (maps, design, access statement, & consultation reports required)

Architectural/Planning Support:

•       Application/planning process

•       Feasibility of the site

•       Project planning

Just fill out our short online enquiry form.  A few short questions to see if you are a fit for us.

What are the next steps?

We will book a time for you to come and see us in our manufacturing facility in Belfast.  You will have the opportunity to meet the team, see the pod and learn about the partnership in more detail.

After that, we will get in touch about coming to meeting you, seeing your site, and exploring the local area.

What we are looking for?

We’re looking for the right type of unique spaces, ones with the potential to deliver amazing experiences for our guests.

We’re also looking for partners open to using online platforms who will be great with guests, with a wealth of local knowledge.

Then what?

After our visit to you and your visit to us, we will figure out if your site meets all the right criteria. Then we get in touch with our decision and plan the next phase.

There’s lots to do before your first guests arrive, and we will support you all the way.

What will we do?

As well as business and marketing support once you are up and running, we also help you manage the planning stage.

We provide information on funding opportunities, plus we have an in-house planning and design architect that can help with the planning submission and design of your site.

What do I have to do?

You will complete the planning application and the site works before the pods are installed.

This includes getting water and electric to the site and having a waste removal system.

It will also require landscaping – pathways and car parking, for example.

As the site owner, it’s up to you to fund and carry out this work to get the site ready.

How much will that cost?

The cost of the planning application and site works will depend on your site.

We will be able to provide some guidance on this when we visit you.

Why do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is a legal requirement for all ‘holiday parks’ in the UK and Ireland.

We’re happy to support you at planning meetings.

Let’s get up and running:

Become the best host

You’re going to get access to host training, and learn from the collective experiences of our other hosts when dealing with guests.

5* Customer Service

As well as host training, we’ll get you up to speed on pod housekeeping, site maintenance, booking and general customer service so you’re confident in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Accreditation & Signage

We will guide you through the tourist accreditation process, and work with you to get appropriate signage in place.

Go live and Beyond

We will support you in the grand opening with a splash online, and anything locally we can do.  Our marketing and digital teams will keep your site in the spotlight.


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