For families and travellers who love a little bit of adventure


Locally manufactured in Northern Ireland, years of research, passion and hard work have gone into the design, development and production of our pods.
With its fully glazed front and luxury features, we maintain the highest possible quality control standards so that our guests enjoy all the comforts of home whilst being immersed in nature.
What makes our pod special is the combination of high-end features contained within a spacious 22m² area. They’re built to last, and we provide a full refurbishment every 5 years.


The Highest Possible Quality Standards

We might be biased but we believe our pods are the best solution available. Manufactured to UK Building Standards, and certified as 4* by Tourism NI, their quality far exceeds most units out there. They’re built to last with the shells being guaranteed for 20 years, whilst we offer a full internal refurbishment every 5 years.

Hot Showers Are A Must

Each glamping pod is cosy and fully furnished, with an en-suite shower room, kitchenette and wardrobe space too – all the comforts of home. The shower is full height and can be electric or gas powered. We’ve engineered them to the highest of specs with lighting and heating, however they’re so highly insulated that they require very little heating no matter how cold it is outside.

Low Impact Build

As an organization we have adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to help us reduce our impact and operate in the most responsible manner possible. Our pods have a low impact on land. Brown field sites like this quarry are ideal for allowing new life to be injected into a piece of land. Plumbing and electrical connections are required however integral to our design process is the capacity for a site to be returned to its original state if desired. Pods are installed on 5 concrete pads.


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